Well-Being Therapy
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Well-Being Therapy Testimonials

Family Testimonials
“The highest praise I can give someone as a mother is entrusting my child to them. I trust Douglas“. C.C.

“Douglas addresses difficult parenting issues by providing exercises and specific actions that parents can apply immediately.” L.R.

“I sought out Douglas MacIntyre's help to mend my relationship with my teenage son. His experience, intuition and insight enabled us to quickly get to the heart of the problem, and he helped me to work on my personal issues that were poisoning the relationship. Douglas had an incredible ability to recognize and name the dark and unconscious
assumptions, perceptions and hurts that were keeping us in a viscous cycle of wounding each other. He made effective recommendations and suggestions . . .and the relationship has been transformed. When I start to slip back into old, worn-out patterns & behaviors, I can still hear his quiet words of wisdom whispering in my ear!” M.B.

“I trust Douglas without question. I trust him with my friends. I trust him with my family. I know that he is deeply committed to the well-being of everyone he meets.” K.F.

 Professional Testimonials
“Douglas is a gifted facilitator in both business and personal settings. He brings energy to everything he does that is inspirational and contagious.”  L.R.

“Douglas possesses highly developed insight into group dynamics and individual process as well as excellent skills for meeting the needs of his clients. He has a professional reputation for a high degree of honesty and integrity in dealing with his clients and with other professionals.“  D.G.

“Douglas is caring, scrupulously honest and self disciplined, his interpersonal communication skills are highly developed.” J.L.

“Douglas has a deep and profound understanding of the human need. He has a wonderful sense of compassion and an ability to share his gentleness and strength with others.” B.P.

 Individual Testimonials
“Working with Douglas has transformed my life.”  A.W.

“I sought Douglas’ help in regard issues with my daughter and a very difficult divorce. His guidance helped me greatly improve my communication with my ex-wife and has given me direction in meeting my daughters needs.” B.Z.

“Douglas is truly the very best at leading me out of "stuck" places to a freedom that is lasting and that allows me to move to the next level in my journey.” E.B.

“Douglas possesses extraordinary insight; he is quick to understand people’s needs and the obstacles they face. He zeros in on the issues that are at the heart of people’s troubles - saving time and struggle”  K.M.

Working with Douglas has been a healing journey, and a profound blessing. He listens intensely, and with kindness--oh, how good it is to be safely heard! He guides my exploration, and accompanies me fully, with wisdom and grace and uncanny intuition. He has helped me first to rediscover, then to reclaim, and ultimately to embrace myself (my Self, my core), with tenderness and love, so that I now live grounded more than ever in peace, joy, passion and compassion.  R.H.

Business Testimonials
“Douglas is the easiest person to work with that I’ve encountered in 10 years in this position” H. B.

“The association I have with Douglas has remained remarkably easy and free of the tensions that so often pollute business relationships. He is always accommodating and willing to do whatever would make our business relationship run smoothly.” S.S.

“Our interaction with Douglas has moved our business in a very positive direction. He has guided us to better planning and organizational skills and we have experienced improved relationships between our employees and ourselves. As an organization, we experience less chaos, and this has led to improvements in business but also in out personal lives.”  S.P. and S.P.

“Douglas’ name is well known in the Rochester region and he has a professional reputation for a high degree of honesty and integrity with his clients and with other professionals” D.G.

“Douglas has been a consultant to my business for over 6 years and is a highly respected member of my advisory team. I’ve found Douglas to be of invaluable assistance in dealing with personnel and policy matters. His work has helped us build a constructive, team oriented work environment and to motivate our employees to deliver their best“ B.Z..

“Douglas has an intuitive “know how” for approaching difficult subjects in a gentle way. His vast knowledge and his years of experience in facilitating change is invaluable for companies navigating difficult corporate transitions.” L.R.


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